Privacy Policy

(how we manage your data when you use Alles Search)

Personal Information and Advertising

Most information is completely optional, and the only information we use about you for ads or results is your country, because you're probably not looking for a pizza restaurant that only delivers to the other side of the world. We'll either figure this out automatically from your IP address, or from your AllesID.


Yum! We don't use cookies for creepy advertising stuff, that's gross. We do use them to keep you signed in if you use an AllesID, and we'll set them if you change your theme so that our servers remember who you are and how you want Alles Search to work for you :)

Search Queries

We don't tell anyone else what you search for, or use it for targetted ads (ew). We don't keep your search queries in our database and the only activity we store is what results you click on in order to adjust our rankings and calculate the popularity of websites. Some request information may be logged temporarily by our webserver, but rest assured that we're not doing anything creepy with your search queries, because it's none of our business.

Data Protection

We support data protection laws like GDPR, which give power to users about how services can use their data. After all, it's your information. We don't do any creepy stuff (don't just take our word for it - most of our code is open-source if you're a programmer and want to check this), but if you have any data requests, just contact us and we'll be happy to help!

Contact Alles


Twitter: @alleshq

Discord: x5jMXZsffG

Last updated on January 17th, 2021.